there's serious stuff happening in fun and games

Play in all its forms provides the building blocks for childhood development in cognition, problem solving, literacy, socialization and more.

Children's Museum and the Role of Play by Fred Rogers

From the publication Hand to Hand of the Association of Children’s Museums
Some people talk about play as if it were a relief from serious learning or even worse: a waste of time. But for children, play is exceedingly serious…and important! In fact, play is a way for children to learn who they are, how the world works, solve problems, and to express feelings.

Child's Play: It's Serious Stuff by Tina Dealwis

From the publication Play to Podium, Adaptive Activity for Families
Play is fundamental in a child’s life. Through play, children develop cognitive, problem-solving and social skills. Play also breaks down barriers and lays the foundation for adult relationships.

Pretend Play: Laying the Foundation for Literacy by Roberta Schomburg

Many people think that play and learning are opposites…we even say things like, “Stop playing and get to work.” It’s no wonder that parents and teachers may not realize the connections between a child’s ability to make believe and his or her ability to read and understand words.

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